Antarctica- Day 1


Arrived in Ushuaia, yay! It's a cute port here in Argentina to board the 67 foot yacht Podorange with Capitain Brice Monger to start my adventure to Antarctica for our Apex predator expedition with Jörgen Rasmussen with 12 peeps on board. 

After our brief last night we are planning to take a window to leave after the 50 knots gust as there is another storm coming after that, which meant to be normal here, hmm ok then I thought, if thats normal it must be save, haha. 

Today we're loading the yacht and planning to leave after customs straight down south to the end of this world...

If everything goes well, we are going towards the Weddell Sea, which is awesome as not many boats get there past King George Island, where the waters can be quite wild. We will see Albatrosses (different kinds) on our way and then lots of iceberg landscape like skyscrapers, woah. Then to the wildlife over to the west side the Gerlache Strait down through the Lamaire channel, which can be visited by Minke whales and of course Humpback whales, Orcas and hopefully Leopard seals, other cute seals and heaps of e different kind of penguin colonies.

Then we will see what happens...on our list to  visit the Vernafsky Research Base (Ukrainian Station) perhaps for a dance, whiskey and laughter.

Maybe the abundant British station...then a bit more south time allowing.

Shifts are 2 hours watch for obstacles or exciting wildlife visitors and 6 hours break to stay warm,dry or to take photos if the sea is not too ruff.

Here our satellite tracker app for our boat (might be off-line at times doesn't mean we are in trouble,ok?) so please don't be alarmed these trackers do fail. you can always write an email if you are very concerned to

Now I really got to go, otherwise I will miss my boat:) Coming!!!!!

Talk to you as soon as I have internet!!

See ya!